Support Plans from OLS

Full support for your business.

So, you spent all this time and money implementing your brand new solution for your business… but
now you have to use these systems every day. What happens when something stops working?


We’re with you every step of the way

Our support plans are fully tailored to meet your business needs, whether you only want a few hours
of support for emergencies or we’re training a new department. Our team is fully accessible with a guaranteed
response time to ensure they are available right when you need them.


What’s Included

✓ Support Ticket System
✓ General How-to Questions
✓ Troubleshooting Assistance
✓ Compatibility Questions
✓ Account Management
✓ On Site Presence
✓ New Employee Training
✓ Free Estimates


Access to local, knowledgeable staff

✓ Phone Support
✓ Email Support
✓ Remote Support / Screen Share


Helpdesk Access

✓ Support Ticket System
✓ Knowledge Base Access
✓ Support Portal
✓ Reporting

You Can Count On Us

Our Support Plans provide you with one number to call for assistance for every aspect of your Dynamics solution. We will assist you via telephone or email, and if required, we can remote connect to view your screen so we can walk you through the issues together, as if we were looking over your shoulder. By signing up, you will continue to receive the benefit of our partnership long after your system implementation is complete.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support

Microsoft Dynamics AX Support

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Office 365 Support