Microsoft Dynamics NAV and KROLL Software

Kroll Software is a leader in pharmacy systems, Omni Logic Solutions has written the integration to Kroll Software System.

A Pharmaceutical distribution company supplies medical products to Pharmacies in Lower Mainland, BC and Alberta.

Majority of the Pharmacies use KROLL to manage stock and order products from the distributor.

The Distributor has to provide their Item Catalogue which the KROLL solution would publish to all Pharmacies and the Pharmacies would be able to send orders to the Distributor directly from KROLL Software.

The orders were then imported in to Dynamics NAV with unique No. Series numbering system for identification and a notification was sent to Order Processing with the order details who would verify the stock availability and prices before the order was released to the warehouse for shipments.

This eliminated the need for pharmacies to call, fax or email their orders as they could place order directly from KROLL which were imported in to Dynamics NAV.


The client had been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV SP1 since 2011 and had chosen Omni Logic Solutions as their new partner in 2012.

They were having performance issues with their installation due to large amounts of data being processed everyday.

Omni Logic Solutions carried out an executable upgrade as an interim step before a full upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 so the client can take get improved performance from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This was a complex upgrade as there were add-on solutions in the database which were no longer used by the client, these add-on objects were identified and carefully removed from the database.

The upgrade to NAV 2015 was completed and delivered in a record time of 4 Amonths and within budget and on time.


TYPE  :  Integration, Custom Development

Product  :  Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and KROLL

Environment  :  SQL Server 2012 & Windows 2012 R2

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