LS NAV = No More Retail Headaches

POS systems today are a long way from the original cash register retailers used initially. Advanced POS systems can now manage everything from tracking your inventory to tracking your customers and therefore, your business. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or an established chain, your choice in a point-of-sale software is one of the most important considerations for your business. LS NAV has been a strong candidate in every retail implementation thus far, and we’ve listed some benefits of why we think it could be right for you as well:

  • Everything’s right here! (Including your financials):

With LS NAV – you are getting a complete solution that combines your point-of-sale and your ERP out of the box. This virtually eliminates manual data entry and human error, not to mention it saves you some valuable time for you and your staff. Free time? Yes, please! With your new combo system, you can do things like look into based on the purchase data recorded by your POS and adjust prices during a slower day of the week or perhaps establish a recurring sale during that period. From there, you can review the accounting information (all using the same system) afterward to see how these variables affect your financials as a whole.

  • Inventory Management:

As retailers know, inventory management can sometimes be a nightmare due to the variations a product can have, i.e. sizes, colors, etc. An advanced POS system like LS NAV can provide the ultimate control when it comes to sales and purchase orders. You will always know how much you have in stock of each product and you can have them categorized in whichever way desired – name, brand, supplier code, SKU, and a multitude of other categorizations. With a user-friendly interface designed for modern inventory control, you are able to track every single stock move from purchase to warehouse to sales order. LS NAV also allows easily looking up past transactions and discovering which product is stuck on the shelf for weeks as well as which products are selling the most. Thus, making inventory management that more easy.

  • No more headaches:

Some POS systems already have you pulling your hair out before they’re even up and running. With hours of trial and error during the setup, and even more hours with phone calls to customer support – naturally, one might at this point debate just giving customers the product for free instead of dealing with their POS system. With LS NAV, you will have a partner handling the implementation allowing for a smooth transition. Omni Logic provides you with a point of contact that will be with you and your team every step of the way while implementing your shiny new software.

  • Stay in the know:

Keep track of things even when you aren’t on site. Obtain real-time reports of anything to do with your business – from profit after markup to the sales attributed to each employee. This clear reporting allows you to make smarter decisions today. LS NAV even provides the ability to customize these reports so you can see exactly what you need – from wherever you are, even when you are in the comfort of your own home or preferably, a beach in Maui.


If you’re interested in taking a look at LS NAV for your business – contact us for a free demo today.

Should I Upgrade? | What You Need To Know About NAV 2017

With a huge focus on user experience, the pages within the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV have been simplified. While simplicity is a very beneficial software element, It’s unlikely to be the deciding factor in your decision to upgrade. NAV 2017 has undoubtedly offered a number of a number of new features and improvements. If you’re an existing NAV client, I’m sure you would be wondering if this version is really worth the upgrade. Let’s go through what you need to know about NAV 2017:


  • Embedded Power BI

As many know, Power BI is a powerhouse when it comes to reporting. In case you don’t know, the app is designed for SMB management that would like detailed insights into business performance. In previous versions of NAV, the user had to view their dashboards via the Power BI app/web-client. However, in NAV 2017, You are now able to use a single app (NAV client) to view your reporting. The dashboards that you use in Power BI can now be brought directly into your role center in NAV. We’d also like to note that the integration is automatically refreshed so you can be sure you’re always viewing the latest data.

  • Cortana Intelligence

Managing your stock doesn’t have to be scary anymore. You are now able to take advantage of your historical data via the built-in Cortana Intelligence and obtain forecasts into your predicated sales. This feature provides us accurate budgets based on previous years’ trends. Anything from stock levels to sales quantities to the qty. to manufacture – you are working with the best predictions possible.

  • Office 365 Integration

One of the key elements of the NAV 2017 is the integration between NAV and Office 365. This includes a direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as an Outlook add-in allowing you to synchronize master data between the two and saving you time on data entry. The Outlook add-in can be very beneficial for customers that schedule services with their customers. For example, if you have an Outlook calendar appointment for a scheduled service, you can take care of all the financial tasks related to the appointment via the add-in that would have previously been completed in the NAV app. This is done by simply creating and sending an invoice for the associated service from the calendar appointment. Yes, it is that easy! There is also now an Excel add-in that provides you the ability to view/edit NAV data in Excel. We would exhaust ourselves trying to explain all the benefits of this new add-in, so we’ll just narrow it down to one that we thought would be very popular – you can now create invoices AND allow customers to book appointments online via Bookings in Office 365. External applications for scheduling are so 2016.

  • Cancel Posted Credit Memos

You are now able to reverse credit memos that have been created to reverse invoices, ex. The ones you create when you cancel a posted invoice. This functionality was added to the posted sales and purchase credit memos.

  • Item Attributes

Customers should be able to organize and classify their products in whatever way they would like to, and now they can. This new feature introduced in NAV 2017 allows you to define and add different types of attributes to items in NAV such as, length, width, voltage, colour, etc. This also becomes handy in situations when you need to add items to sales and purchase documents. The feature allows you to filter your items based on attribute values which will ultimately limit the list of items you choose from. While this was a frequently requested modification in the past, it is now out-of-the-box functionality.

  • E-Everything

Customers can now pay your invoice online via hyperlinks to payment services, such as PayPal.

  • Item Categories

Another great new feature is the item category table now being multi-level so that you are able to define a hierarchy in the list of item categories. You are also able to use each of the item categories to define what item attributes applies to said category. Ex. When a new item is created and the item category is selected then NAV will populate the list of attributes that the item should have. This allows the user to know which attributes to enter. This provides companies a consistent set of attributes on similar items and will speed up the process of creating new items.

  • G/L Account Categories and Sub Categories

Having full control over your chart of accounts has never been easier. In NAV 2017, General Ledger accounts are able to now be categorized via the two new fields on the G/L account card; Account Category and Account Subcategory. This feature enables companies to group accounts that are used for similar postings, ex. revenue accounts can be grouped into types, such as product, service, shipping revenue accounts and thus allowing reporting to be standardized. Additionally, by using this feature and creating and mapping categories and accounts respectively, you can provide personalization to the structure of your financial statements.

  • New Extensions

You don’t have to alter the source resources to modify your NAV system anymore. The Extension Management page allows you to install/uninstall extensions easily and with only a few clicks. Some existing extensions include: PayPal integration, QuickBooks data migration, and even a sales forecast solution.

  • Purchase Order

Brand new functionality! You can now create a purchase invoice based on a sales order.

  • Item Creation

Brand new functionality! In NAV 2017, you are able to create an item automatically by using the item templates when you enter a description in the no. field on a sales document that does not exists in the item list.

  • Smart notifications

This is likely the top feature of NAV 2017. It allows you the ability to send notifications on the page in NAV that the user is currently viewing. The notifications appear in the new notification area at the top of the user’s screen and can be linked to more details if necessary. In previous versions of NAV, a pop-up message would appear with every single change of a sales order, but now the notification does not interrupt the user. This can be a highly coveted feature for companies that require credit limit warnings or other important customer notes.


NAV 2017 Notable Improvements:


  • Payment Reconciliation

Now you can see the total amount in the payment reconciliation journal and closely scrutinize the numbers while seeing transactions that have not been applied or reconciled.

  • Jobs

Manage projects stress-free by gaining more visibility into the details. A project manager field has been added on the job card and the Project Manager role center now shows information specific to the jobs the user is currently managing via My Jobs.

  • Fixed Assets

NAV 2017 has enhanced fixed assets with a couple of notable improvements. The new standard setup was introduced which makes it easier than ever to create new Fixed Assets. Also not to be forgotten are the journal features allowing you to post F/A purchase transactions.


We still have more features, but we think that this is a good place to start if you had any doubts about whether or not to upgrade to NAV 2017. Give us a call at 1-888-405-8676 or via the contact form below if you’re interested in viewing a demo or learning more about the newest version of NAV.


Technical Support vs. Consulting

At Omni Logic, it is important to us that we assist our clients with technical concerns that may arise. Therefore, we try our best to provide top notch support to our clients in an effective and timely manner. In order for us to achieve this, we require a thorough description of the issue the client is experiencing and a screen shot of any errors.

Technical Support vs Consultation?

There is a fine line between what is a support question versus what is a consulting question and whether the requests are billable.

What is considered technical support?

Some topics that are considered to be a technical support issues are:

  • Questions regarding software compatibility and hardware requirements
  • Issues regarding NAV installation and configuration
  • NAV or associated add-ons error messages.

OLS will exercise discretion when a request is received and notify the client if their request is a billable service and await client approval before resolving the issue.

What is considered a consultation?

 Questions regarding NAV data or design generally require more time and resources to resolve and are typically considered a billable consultation. These are outside the scope of technical support as they are not related to the technical software issues but rather related to training and consulting.

Examples of Billable Consultations are:

  • Questions on how to modify the application and add-ons to meet specific business needs
  • Questions about where to find data
  • Requests to build reports or dashboards
  • Performance tuning of execution packages
  • Training or instructing end users

If you are unsure if your inquiry is a technical issue or a consultation and whether it is billable or not, we still encourage you to submit a support ticket or send off an email to Ajla who will be able to address whether this is required to be billed.

Top 10 Reasons We Love LS Retail

Training new employees while running a retail business and managing several applications – Yikes!

retail management


Being a retailer while trying to meet the demands of today’s consumer can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. LS NAV is a fully integrated solution delivering the functionality needed by all retailers. How integrated are we talking? Your entire operationFrom the store to headquarters; the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, in-store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back office functions – we mean everything.

It was hard to choose, but we listed 10 of our favourite features from LS NAV below.  Take a look at why companies like IKEA and Nike have chosen LS Retail as their retail solution.


Why We Love LS Retail

  1. Tracking is fool-proof. You can track single transactions from the Point-of-Sale straight to the General Ledger.
  2. LS Retail is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Your staff only needs to become familiar with one interface and it applies to usage at all levels.
  3. Managing your sales has never been easier. Your items can offer prices that are valid on different dates at varying store locations. The options are wide-open.
  4. Were you interested in offering a loyalty program or coupons for your customers? From advanced promotional pricing to redeeming points from gifts – LS NAV makes it easy. Take a look at the benefits of integrating a loyalty program with LS here. Coupons and discounts? Profit and sales statistics are traceable to each offer triggered, even with multiple offers. Yes, we said triggered!
  5. Getting a headache from calculating sales commissions? We can put down the Aspirin. The software can trigger commission, set quotas, and apply the commission accordingly.
  6. The system provides back office functionality both in the store and at the head office. This allows your store manager to have total control over business operations. Whether it be within the store, the POS terminals, or the back office.
  7. Manage and plan your inventory without committing valuable cash space and logistics resources. LS provides the robust inventory management features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  8. Be ready with the data you need for entering vendor negotiations. LS provides a full overview of how your vendor is performing. This includes monitoring profitability, purchase order fulfillment, discrepancy in receiving quantity, and invoicing discrepancy.
  9. LS includes merchandising and replenishment functionality. You can create stock profiles based on size, color, and style data. Not only on individual items, but even product groups or item categories. The stock profiles allow you to calculate the ideal stock replenishment.
  10. You can have a web shop application that is fast, accurate, reliable, and even personal. With your integrated loyalty information, the online store can take into account all promotions. Your retail system can now become a virtual sales rep to your customers shopping online.

We’ve only scratched the surface on the features LS NAV has to offer. We’d love to show you a demo on just how much of a game-changer this retail solution is. Contact us today!

Top Reasons to Upgrade to NAV 2016

Your business management solution is a critical part of your organization and keeping it up-to-date is essential to the future of your business. By taking advantage of new functionality and enhanced capabilities available in recent releases, you can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service.


In our increasingly digital world, businesses of all sizes are looking at how they can transform their organizations—to create greater efficiencies and streamlined business processes, to empower their workers with relevant insights, anywhere and on any device, and to scale and grow securely through the power of the cloud. With Dynamics NAV 2016, you can choose cloud or on-premises deployments, giving you the flexibility to determine what is best for your business. Upgrading your solution also keeps it running smoothly with the latest advances in technology and infrastructure, so you can maximize your existing investment in other Microsoft products and services. Learn how Dynamics NAV 2016 is even faster to implement, simpler to use, and provides you with all the power you need to support your business ambitions.

Enable More People to Use Dynamics NAV 2016

Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2016 and extend the value of your solution to more users. Now you have greater flexibility and more choice over how you access and deploy the solution. With new streamlined, easy-to-use native apps, you can enable mobile workers on any device—phones, tablets, and mouse and keyboard— running Android, iOS, or Windows. Empower more employees with straightforward and secure access to relevant information and data in Dynamics NAV— without having to invest in complex customizations or technology. Choose from deployment options on Microsoft Azure, in a private cloud, hosted by a Microsoft partner, or on your servers.

Improve Decision Making

Increase business insight with pre-built Microsoft Power BI dashboards and data connections that give teams instant access to key performance indicators in an intuitive environment, designed for secure collaboration. In Dynamics NAV 2016, you can connect to your instance of Dynamics NAV and and immediately access the business performance dashboard, with insights into your business. The new content pack for Dynamics NAV is designed specifically for small and midsize business owners, managers, and executives, providing details on customers, sales, and finance. With build-in automatic refresh of data you always have the latest data at your disposal.

Make it Easier to Grow Sales

With Dynamics NAV 2016 it’s even easier to grow sales, improve customer service, and streamline order-to cash-processes through native integration with Dynamics CRM Online. There is no longer a need to distinguish between CRM and ERP—it’s just one seamless workflow for your business processes. Whether you are working in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics CRM, you can access the business information you need, from the product you prefer. The seamless experience means that you can increase sales and order accuracy, and decrease the time from a sales lead to receipt of cash from a customer.

Gain Control of Financial Processes

Already known for its compelling financial-, cash flow management and cost accounting capabilities Dynamics NAV 2016 delivers even more. Handling deferrals of revenue and expenses is made easy, and the posting preview feature enables you to control the end result up front. You can also ensure accuracy and reduce fraud with the new positive pay feature, and improve efficiency and save time using the Word format defaults for various reports.

Digitize Your Business Operations

Digitize your business with expanded document management, workflow, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities designed to help you automate processes and eliminate paper-based transactions, as well as providing updated currency exchange rates.

With Dynamics NAV 2016, Microsoft announced a partnership with Lexmark to provide an invoice capture service hosted on Azure. This means that unstructured data from PDFs or scanned invoices and credit memos can be extracted into structured data, enabling further automatic processing similar to electronic documents. This service is available at no additional cost for the first 75 invoice transactions per Dynamics NAV customer.

You can also accelerate your invoice approvals because with Dynamics NAV 2016 you automatically have access to the e-invoicing solution, at no additional cost. Documents can be sent to and received from organizations or government authorities via Tradeshift, and the delivery status and activity logging is available in Dynamics NAV for the document exchange service interaction.

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 enables us to keep track of things in a scalable, efficient way. The Microsoft cloud solution lets us access data anytime, anywhere.”

– Mark Tanous Chief Executive Officer. Bounce Foods


Lower Your IT Costs

Upgrading your solution can help lower IT costs by making it easier to integrate your Dynamics NAV solution with other systems, including the other Microsoft products and services that you already have. Dynamics NAV 2016 delivers integration enhancements and even closer alignment with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. And take advantage of enterprise-class scalability, security, and availability in the cloud with the new option to deploy Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s industry-leading database-as-a-service in the cloud offering.

“With everything in the cloud, you don’t have a capital expenditure on technology, and the worry about when you’ll need to reinvest. It’s a simple cost off the top of the house. To all my customers my prescription is the same—set yourself free. Go to the cloud.”

– Jakob Ingemann Business Advisor and Managing Partner, IZARA


Accomplish Even More

With more than 60 enhancements to the Web client, you can accomplish even more with Dynamics NAV 2016. You can experience improved page and list navigation, and a significantly shorter start-up time when launching Dynamics NAV in a web browser.

Reduce the Cost of Your Next Upgrade

Yes, that’s right. If you upgrade your solution to Dynamics NAV 2016 now, you can help reduce the cost of future upgrades. Keeping your solution current—with the latest technology and functionality—is smart for your business and your bottom line.

Source: Microsoft

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales and Marketing Manager will work closely with the Management to meet sales targets and device marketing strategies.

Key Responsibilities & Activities

  • Identify and Generate new Leads
  • Nurture & Follow-up on leads generated
  • Meet with qualified leads and do requirement discovery
  • Develop a list of Demonstration scenarios to show prospects
  • Prepare and Present demos to customers and prospects
  • Track Meetings, client communications, emails in CRM
  • Communicate with prospects
  • Prepare proposals and presentations


  • 3+ years of experience similar role
  • A Positive attitude with high energy
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Familiar with Windows, Microsoft Office and CRM Technologies
  • Bachelors Degree in Business and/or Accounting
  • Valid driver’s license

Please apply with your resume to

Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM Business Analyst

Business Analyst provides solution consulting services to Omni Logic Solutions clients in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM

Given its position in the team, the Consultant provides leadership by helping mentor and support junior team members.

Key Responsibilities & Activities
•Participates in all key areas in the project methodology including: Diagnostic, Proof of Concept, Analysis, Specification Documentation, Training, Software installation services, and other related services
•Provides consulting services and advises clients on solution best practice strategies for successful implementations
•Support and cooperate with Project Managers to move the implementation forward positively
•Complete support cases with a quick turnaround to resolution for clients
•Communicate proactively with colleagues and clients
•Writes functional requirement documents for clients as per the project or statement of work
•Performs and assists with analysis workshops with clients to define business, process, functional requirements and data element requirements
•Provides regular updates (project status, issues for escalation, billable hours) to key individuals involved in the project
•Assists project teams, Partner project teams and Client project team members
•Troubleshoots software and implementation issues and provides, where required, workaround and functional implementation guidance
•Gathers business, process and integration requirements
•Supports customers in preparing , documenting and testing scenarios
•Participates in all internal project planning sessions and team meetings as required
•Mentor junior application consultants as required

Education and Certifications
•At least 3 years’ experience in a similar role in a growth environment
•At least 1 years post qualifying experience
•University Degree or College Diploma in Computer Science
•Valid driver’s license

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
•Prior experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM or similar prefered
•Advanced level skills in MS Office (Project, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), SharePoint, and the ability to work within Web based applications
•Strong organizational ability
•Detail & Result oriented
•Must be proactive, self-motivated and strong in time management
•Prepared to show initiative in improving existing processes and defining new ones
•Demonstrated strong team work ethic and the ability to lead and manage others
•Must be a strong communicator (written and verbal) both with internal staff and external clients
•Must have a strong sense of business process and provide best practice strategies for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and/or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
•Be a creative problem solver
•Have system and user acceptance testing skills.

Please apply with your resume to

Subscription Licensing

A business can be ready for an ERP solution, but sometimes the wallet isn’t. Today, we are going to break down the difference between Perpetual and Subscription Licensing. Learn how you can decrease the cost while still having Microsoft Dynamics NAV today.

Perpetual Licensing

You are licensing the software with permanent usage rights. This means you can use the software for as long as you would like. Perpetual Licensing is ideal if you prefer an upfront investment for your business. If will run the software on your premises and manage the solution in-house – this is also the route to go.

Subscription Licensing

You license non-perpetual rights. You can use the software only during the term of the agreement secured by periodic payments. To put it another way, this is like renting month-to-month or a pay-as-you-go service.

Is Subscription Licensing a good fit for my business?

If you are wary of an ERP solution due to the price tag that comes with it, then it definitely could be. It might be particularly beneficial for businesses that have variable staff or start-ups. After all, spending thousands on a hardware solution can be a huge commitment. Particularly if you aren’t sure where you want to take your business yet, or who will be clocking in next week.

With Subscription licensing, you can buy the exact number of licenses you need month-to-month. NAV has never been more more accessible to SMB’s that want an economical option than it is today. You can have an ERP without breaking the budget.

IfIf you would like to find out what a monthly subscription cost would be for your business, contact us.

For more information on a Cloud-Based solution – 5 Perks of a Cloud-Based Solution

LS Retail – A New Partnership

We’re eager to announce some exciting news!

OLS has recently partnered with LS Retail, a leader in the Retail management systems. Used by over 3,000 companies and 50,000 stores worldwide in diverse industries such as fashion, electronics, furniture, restaurants, coffee shops, and many more; LS’ “Easier, Simpler, and Faster” solutions have helped businesses around the world increase revenue, build loyalty, reach new customers, and lower costs. The system has the ability to track sales, stock levels, and productivity live on all your sales channels – physical locations, e-commerce or mobile. The capability to react quickly when circumstances change ultimately minimizes your risks while maximizing your profits. This is why LS Retail software systems help enable over a hundred million pleasurable shopping and dining experiences every day.

To be successful in today’s competitive economy, retail businesses need to look for every advantage to assist them in exceeding customer’s expectations and helping them stay ahead of their competitors. Having real-time insight into the business’s operations at your fingertips is essential to maintaining this advantage. The market-leading LS Retail solution is currently used by retailers and restauranteurs across 120 countries, such as Nike and Ikea to name a couple.

To learn more about LS NAV or see a demo, click here or contact us directly at

Introducing Office 365 Connectors

Last November, we announced the limited preview of Office 365 Connectors, a brand new experience that delivers relevant interactive content and updates from popular apps and services to Office 365 Groups. We are now bringing this experience to you, our Office 365 customers.

Whether you are tracking a Twitter feed, managing a project with Trello or watching the latest news headlines with Bing—Office 365 Connectors surfaces all the information you care about in the Office 365 Groups shared inbox, so you can easily collaborate with others and interact with the updates as they happen.

Office 365 Groups is a service that enables teams to come together and get work done by establishing a single team identity and a single set of permissions across Office 365 apps. Setting up an Office 365 Group automatically creates a shared inbox, calendar, notebook and files. Now, any Groups member can add Office 365 Connectors for their group’s use, in seconds, to bring filtered information in the shared inbox that is relevant and contextual to the team’s needs and interests. For example, a product lead using the UserVoice connector can help her entire team track the latest feedback on a new product launched in market.

Office 365 Connectors 1

Each time a key activity takes place in the service you’re tracking—for example, when a new task is added to a Salesforce opportunity, an update is made to a Trello board or an incident is triggered in PagerDuty—a message is sent to the Groups shared inbox. You can then choose to share and discuss on the message with your team or take action with a few simple clicks.

Office 365 Connectors 2

Over 50 Office 365 Connectors are available today, spanning popular applications across productivity, news sources, HR systems, sales, project management, marketing automation, entertainment, eLearning, developer tools and many more. Some examples include MailChimp, Asana, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Aha, Zendesk, Salesforce, Twitter and UserVoice. We are also working with many other partners to enable additional connectors that will be made available soon.

In addition to the current Groups inbox integration, we plan to bring Office 365 Connectors to the Outlook inbox for individual users to leverage and over time to other experiences across Office 365.


If your organization already has Office 365, you can use Outlook, Outlook on the web or the Outlook Groups mobile app to start using Office 365 Connectors.

—Sonal Pardeshi, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 team

Frequently asked questions

  1. When will Office 365 Connectors be generally available?
  2. Office 365 Connectors are currently available for First Release customers and in the process of being rolled out for generally availability shortly.
  3. How do I add a connector for my Group?
  4. Office 365 Connectors can be added and configured from Outlook on the web by navigating to your Group and clicking Connectors on the navigation bar. Find the connector you like, click Add and follow the instructions to set up the connector.
  5. What is the minimum requirement for using Office 365 Connectors?
  6. Office 365 Connectors work with the Office 365 Groups shared inbox, which requires an Office 365 work or school account. The experience is available on Outlook 2016 and Outlook Web App, and support is coming soon to the Groups mobile app for iOS and Android. We’ve listed the minimum requirements here, as well as the mobile app frequently asked questions.
  7. Where can I go to learn more about the Office 365 Connectors?
  8. Learn more about Office 365 Connectors here.